What happens during a RECONNECTIVE HEALING Session?

Your practitioner acts as a catalyst for Reconnective frequencies. These frequencies assist in bringing your body back to a state of balance and harmony so it can then heal itself. These frequencies reconnect you to your divine nature and offer you the ability to recover from any number of health challenges which are way too many to mention here.

If someone is open to these frequencies then healings can happen in an instant. Although some people experience enormous shifts in just one session, for some people it can take several sessions.

Some people do not experience shifts until days and even weeks later, realizing only some time after, shifts have occurred without them having paid much attention.

The Reconnective Healing frequencies are made up of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information. These frequencies know what is best for each individual leaving the guess work out of the equation.

These healings go beyond physical, mental and emotional allowing for an evolution of your very being and divine essence.

What happens during THE RECONNECTION session?

There was a time when our energy lines or acupuncture lines on our bodies where connected to the grid lines, that are connected to planet earth. These mysterious lines where designed to ground us into a much larger grid that connects us to the universe.

The Reconnection grounds in “NEW” axiatonal lines that allow each individual  to reconnect at these unique vibratory levels and frequencies, for healing and more-so, for personal evolution. These axiatonal lines are connected to a timeless network of brilliance/intelligence, a parallel-dimension circulatory system that attracts to us this very unique energy for the renewal of the human body and energy systems.

The Reconnection solidifies and engages these new lines, opening the portal to, and allowing for the exchange of this new energy, light and information, that also reconnects these DNA strands and reintegrates these “strings” (occurring simultaneously on parallel planes of existence).

How does this compare to other healing modalities?

Everything changes even healing frequencies. What used to work like a charm no longer does. Many of these older modalities carry with them a great deal of superstition and fear. Many of these carry with them protection rituals, they require faith on by both the client and the practitioner. The practitioner makes a great deal of assumptions on that is needed to restore someone back to health, never really knowing in the end whether or not these actions have done good or bad.

Some of these practices coming with years and years of mastery courses carrying with them a huge financial burden. Passing on information from generation to generation that is practiced without question.

This is not to say that these modalities to not have some merit but these new Reconnective frequencies come with none of these rituals and address who we are today without fear and the need to protect ourselves from evil spirits etc. We either are created in the image and likeness of creation or we are not! If we are then healing one another is no biggy as the Reconnection proves quite easily.

How many sessions will I need and how long do sessions take?

Healing can happen instantaneously but it is still suggested that you have up to 3 sessions. For some people it can take this long to break through some barriers. Each session will be special but usually by the 3rd session large shifts are reported.

As stated already, healing can happen instantaneously but what can take some time is for each person to accept the healing. It has been noted that even when someone does not receive any apparent shifts by the 3rd session that more often than not these shifts occur over a longer period of time and are noticed when looking back over several months.

The only time more than 3 sessions might be required is if one has an injury or perhaps there is an inner calling to do so but this would need to be considered carefully. Reconnective Healing is not about on going recalibrations. Simply put, sometimes things take time. Each session will last approximately 30 to 40 minutes. And should be done within 48 hours of each other.

The Reconnection is a 2 session process and is done only one time. Never will there be a need to repeat it. These sessions should be done as close together as possible and preferably within 24 hours and 48hrs maximum.

The Reconnection will always cost $333 and will never change from country to country. It must carry this very significant #.

Reconnection Healing sessions will vary depending on practitioner but I charge $80 per session and you can purchase a package of 3 for $200 for a $40 savings.


earth achoring a new frequency

333 and The Reconnection

How is the number 333 and The Reconnection related?

Really basic understanding of the # 333 and how can relate to The Reconnection. All Reconnection sessions are charged at $333 no matter where you are in the world. The significance is covered in some ways in this fun and perky little video. Visit her site if you like, she is lovely. www.Numerologist.com .

The Reconnection is like getting re-calibrated. It is like getting a big cosmic shake only to land with all circuits perfectly in place. For some the changes come quickly and for others, it takes time.

The frequencies that play the starring role in The Reconnection know what is best for everyone. Both client and practitioner play a part but mostly in remaining open and in a state of expectancy and anticipation without preconceived ideas of what will happen. You will be lucky if the healing comes in the way you have projected.